Amber Romance - Romantic top notes of amber with a rich base of musk, A Victoria's Secrets fragrance. (**)
Apricot Freesia - A harmony of fruit with a touch of peach, rounded off with the lovely scent of freesia. (**)
Baby Powder - That clean baby smell we all know and love! A very clean, soft scent. (**)
Blueberry Muffin - Baking blueberry muffins. (***)
Cedar & Spice - An invigorating blend of aromatic cedar-cinnamon-and other spices. Men love this one. (**)
Cinnamon Red Hot - Just like Red Hots candy. (***)
Clove - That hard-to-find pure clove scent, that is perfect for the holiday season or that anytime spice. (**)
Cranberry Citrus - A tangy, citrusy blend of cranberry and orange. Very refreshing. (**)
Eucalyptus Spearmint - Eucalyptus with the soft scent of spearmint. A Bath & Body Works fragrance. (**)(A)
Ezra - A refreshing, cool, crisp, blend of citrus, apple, rum, and sage with touches of sandlewood. Mens cologne, Abercromble & Fitch. (**)
Fall Festival - A great fall fragrance, blending the timeless combination of cinnamon and spice. Yankee's Harvest. (***)
Freedom - Neutralizes the air. Smoke and odor eliminator with a pleasant fragrance. (**)
Fresh Apple - The tangy smell of a macintosh apple. Yankee's Macintosh.(**)
Grammy's Apple Pie - Just like Grammy used to make it! Tha sweet scent of fresh aplles, the spice of cinnamon topped with a fresh baked crust.(**)

Happy Birthday - A sweet buttery bouquet reminiscent of vanilla. (***)
Huntin' Lodge - The fresh scent of cedar, pine, and fresh out doors with a slight smell of cherry tobacco.(***)
Jasmine - Floral blend of Indian jasmine with a touch of african ylang ylang.(**)
Jazzywood - Floral blend of Indian Jasmine with woody bouquet with touches of cedarwood, amber, cedar leaf and musk. (***)
Lavender - The very calming fragrance of the lavender flower.(**)(A)
Lavender & Pumpkin - A gentle smell of lavender with the relaxing smell of pumpkin.(**)
Lemongrass & Sage - An invigorating, crisp, fresh fragrance. A Bath & Body Works fragrance.(***)(A)
Lemon Verbena - Very fresh crisp lemon smell. A Bath & Body Works fragrance.(**)
Lilac - It's just like having a lilac bush right outside an open window, with a light breeze to bring the fragrance to your home.(***)
Mango Mandarin - A vibrant summertime array of citrus fruit with cool, dewey green notes that mimics the popular Bath & Body works.(***)
Midnite in Montana - A special blend by Clear Montana Reflections. A top Seller(**)
Montana Air - Clean and fresh.(*)
Montana Desires - Classic fougere, in the line of Drakar Noir which includes a blend of lavender, bergamont, pine and oak moss. Yankee's Midsummers Nite.(**)
Montana Huckleberry - Big top seller. Smells like Huckleberry.(***)
Montana Moonlight - Aduplication of Bath & Body Works' Moonlight Path. This Fragrance is a soft floral scent, enhanced by jasmine and rose.(*)
Montana Stargazer - Reminiscent of spring garden in full bloom, this duplicate of the popular Yankee candle fragrance combines soft spring florals with woods and light fruit.(**)
Montana Wildflowers - A big, big seller with a soft floral scent.(**)
Montana Wonderland - Spicy evergreen scent.(**)
My Montana Home - Cinnamon, pine and floral scent. Yankee's Home Sweet Home.(***)
Nagchampa - A lovely oriental aroma that evokes sensuality and warth.(**)
Orange Clove - A splash of orange with clove spice.(**)
Passion Spell - Similar to love spell cologne. A Victoria's secret fragrance.(**)
Pearberry - A sweet blend of berries & juicy pears. Bath & Body Works fragrance.(**)
Pecan Pie - The fresh baked sweetness of pecans, vanilla and carmel.(**)
Peppermint Stix - A strong peppermint aroma, a perfect reminder of the holiday season.(**)
Pikake Jasmine - A pleasant Hawiian flower scent.(**)
Pine Forest - Woody, green pine odor of a fresh pine forest. Yankee's Mistletoe.(**)
Plumeria - Just like the Hawaiian flower.(**)(A)
Pomegranate - Sweet smelling.(**)
Pomegranate Blueberry - pomegranate mixed with fresh blueberries to bring about a refreshing fruit combo that is reminiscent of popular energy drinks. (**)
Pumpkin Pie - That fresh from the oven, buttery, cinnamon, pumpkin and clove delicous aroma.(**)
Raspberry Patchouli - Raspberry with the scent of patchouli.(**)(A)
Rose - [Also available in Red and Pink] - Smells like a real rose.(**)(A)
Sensual Amber - A duplicate of the popular Bath & Body Workds fragrance. A rich base of warm amber, sandlewood, vanilla, patchouli, and musk supporting mild notes of rose, orange flower, iris,and lotus blossom, with top notes of berries, plum, orange, and bergamot to create a complex sensual fragrance.(**)
Spiced Cranberry - A perfect holiday candle that combines the spice of cinnamon with the soft scent of cranberries.(**)
Sugar Cookie - Sweet vanilla-snap cookie type with buttery top note with a sugary body.(**)

Summer Melon - A summer vine-ripened melon fragrance of watermelon, sweet honeydew and cucumber melon.(**)
Sweet Pea - The lovely scent of the sweet pea flower petals with touches of green leaves, lily of the valley and summer fruits, topped with a floral medley.(BBWtype).(**)
Tropical Paradise - A taste of the tropics! A blend of coconut, tropical fruit and vanilla, makes you feel like you are on that well deserved tropical vacation.(**)
Vanilla - That sweet vanilla scent we all know and love.(**)

Wild Berry Zinger Tea - A perfect blend bursting with the natural favors of black berries, strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries,cranberries, and even cherries. Herbs like hibiscus, rosehips, and chicory give this tea its zing.(***)

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Amber Romance
Apricot Freesia
Baby Powder
Blueberry Muffin

Cedar & Spice
Cinnamin Red Hot

Cranberry Citrus
Eucalyptus Spearmint
Fall Festival
Fresh Apple
Grammy's Apple Pie

Happy Bithday
Huntin' Lodge
Lavender & Pumpkin
Lemongrass & Sage
Lemon Verbena
Mango Mandarin
Midnite in Montana
Montana Air
Montana Country Boy
Montana Desires
Montana Huckleberry
Montana Moonlight
Montana Stargazer
Montana Wildflowers
Montana Wonderland
My Montana Home
Orange Clove
Passion Spell
Pecan Pie
Peppermint Stix
Pikake Jasmine
Pine Forest
Pomegrante Blueberry
Pumpkin Pie
Raspberry Patchouli
Sensual Amber
Spiced Cranberry
Sugar Cookie
Summer Love
Summer Melon
Sweet Pea
Tropical Paridise

Wildberry Zinger Tea

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