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Wickless Jar Candle
The Clear Montana Reflections Wickless candle is very unique*.  It does not lose it's specially blended wax with use, only the fragrance, which you replentish as needed (usually about 1 drop per hour of use).

*Note: Many candles will throw their scent if placed on a warmer and there are many candles that are poured without a wick a labeled as "wickless candles".  We are in no way disparaging these products, but the key to a candle that will last for years is whether the wax will reabsorb the fragrance!  Clear Montana Reflections uses a special soy beeswax blend that has been designed to retake the fragrance.  Our specially blended wickless candles may cost a little more, but we feel that it is a much better value when you consider it will last for years if used properly!

Basic Jar Candle Warmer

Our Basic Warmer is UL approved.  We recommend this candle warmer because it is thicker than most, so there is much less heat on the under side of the warmer.  This warmer fits our candle jars well.  
Note:  Use caution if you  purchase a warmer from a discount store.  Some will not fit base of candle jars properly, making the candle unstable.

Car Diffuser

Use our fragrance oils with the Car Diffuser so you can enjoy your favorite fragrance while on the road.  A few drops on the scent pad and plug it in to your car's 12V lighter socket or power point.
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We are continually experimenting with new fragrances and incorporating suggestions from our customers.  If you have ideas for candle fragrances, please let us know.  We love to hear what our customers want.

Scentsible Scentsations

Scentsible Scentsations are a scented wax cubes that use the same unique wax blend as our original wickless jar candles, and also are sold with a bottle of fragrance oil just like our jar candles.  Most scented wax cubes have to be thrown out when the fragrance diminishes, but with Scentsible Scentsations you just add a few drops of the included fragrance oil to keep the scent as strong as you like.  They are available in all of the same fragrances as our wickless jar candes.