Clear Montana Reflections is
Going Green!
     Clear Montana Reflections is owned and operated by Patricia & Kevin Durocher. Patty runs the day to day operations of the business, while Kevin works the business in addition to holding down a full-time job. The business is operated out of thier home and has no employees at this time.  When things get really busy, they rely on family members to help out.

     Our candles are made with a special blend of Soy Beeswax that does not evaporate into the air like standard parafin based wax, which can be unhealthy.  Our unique wax blend has a special binder that allows the wax to recapture the fragrance when it is added back into the candle after it begins to mellow.  Additionally, we use essential fragrance oils in our candles.

     We have recently added a new product line of scented wax cubes we call "Scentsible Scentsations".  These cubes use the same special blend of wax as our wickless jar candles, and also come with a bottle of matching fragrance oil to maintain the fragrance.  Many of our customers have been asking us to come out with the scented cubes so they can use the fancy melters, without having to throw away wax every time the fragrance is used up.  We hope you enjoy our Scentsible Scentsations re- scentable wax cubes.
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Clear Montana Reflections has recently installed a wind generator that produces approximately 1/3 of the power used for both our home & the business!